St Patrick's Emerald City was formed in 2013, an amalgamation of St Pats Mens and Emerald City Ladies teams. 

Since 2013 we have established ourselves as one of the biggest GAA clubs in New Zealand. We have traveled all over New Zealand to partake in New Zealand Feis and New Zealand Club Championships.

In our short history we have had great success in the Auckland League and Championship.

We are a Kiwi Irish club, boasting a strong history of Kiwi participation and an international drawing of people from all over the world. People of all ages and skill levels join St Pat's and are welcomed with open arms.

Non-playing members contribute in a very positive way to the club, organizing events, handling club business and building the St Pat's image in New Zealand. 

We organise club events on a regular basis - we're a social bunch!  We take part in many different group trips and activities all year round - skiing, bowling, fishing and BBQing. For the Irish among us, we truly enjoy the Irish community feel abroad. 

We are heavily involved with the wider Auckland GAA group. In doing so, we represent ourselves at Auckland GAA meetings ensuring we are always up to date on rules and protocol.